Saturday, February 26, 2005

Trust America or Trust G-d?

A more religious-oriented post than normal:

It seems to me that Israel has done the best for herself, historically, when she didn't rely on outside people or countries or institutions to help her out. 1948 and 1967 were miracles when Israelis felt most threatened; in 1956 Israel relied on France. In 1973 Israel thought she was secure and relied on her own reputation from 1967; during Oslo Israel relied on empty promises and words.

Although I appreciate President Bush's clear commitment to Israel, it is possible that it is the worst thing ever to happen to her. Israel is now in a position where she is putting all of her security marbles in a basket of American promises (and wished-for promises) as well as in the "good faith" of people who were referred to as terrorists only a few months ago.

In my view, whenever Israel loses sight of who she is and of her dependence on the Almighty, G-d repays the favor by treating her like other nations. And when that is the game being played, Israel is not going to win.