Monday, January 10, 2005

Palestinians exaggerate their numbers

The results of a new demographic study of the Palestinians shows that:

1. Today, the Palestinian-Arab population of the West Bank (1.4MN) and Gaza (1MN)
totals 2.4 million, rather than the 3.8 million reported by the Palestinian Central
Bureau of Statistics

2. A solid Jewish majority of 60% has been sustained – between the Jordan River
and the Mediterranean – since 1967.
A solid 80% Jewish majority has been maintained
within the "Green Line".

3. Long-Term demographic trends re-entrench the Jewish majority.

In other words, the "demographic time bomb" that is taken as a fact and as a reason why Israel has no choice but to give up territory is false.

There may or may not be other reasons, but demography is not one of them. The report shows that the assumption that Palestinians reproduce at one of the highest rates in the world is simply false. (Comments by EoZ)